A downloadable game for Windows

Guardian Of Time was developed for the Let's Create Game Jam #1. In this game you have to collect the 10 shards of time before the level collapses. Whilst collecting the shards fight enemies to regain time but don't get hit or fall of the stage!

Attack - Left Click
Movement - WASD
Dash - Left Shift
Jump - Space

Artist/Designer/Programmer - Matthew Palaje

Matthew Palaje YouTube

Music & Sound effects - Zew
Zachary helped me out at the very last minute. He only had 24 hours to complete all of the music and sound effects. Make sure to check out some of his work in the links below! 

Zew Bandcamp
Zew YouTube
Zew Prisma


GuardianOfTime64Bit 95 MB
GuardianOfTime32Bit 74 MB


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please make a mac build!

If source code is released I would compile it

cool game