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Hey! Welcome to my Game A Month 2 page. For this month I'm developing a stealth game with systemic systems. I've uploaded the final build! Was a crazy rush to get the game complete but I'm very happy with it. Ended up only using the last half of the month to develop this game, going to have a better schedule next month!

Expect bugs and unpolished systems!


Movement - W,A,S,D

Attack - Left Mouse Button

Crouch - C

Climb Wall - Space Bar [Climbable Walls are Yellow]

Pick Up Object - E

Drop Object - E

Throw Object - Left Mouse Button

There are three levels and the main menu. Hope you have fun!

Music by SoundZEW

Character Art by Raymond Cripps

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)


GameAMonth2FinalBuild.zip 265 MB
StealthGamePrototypeV1.0Build.zip 211 MB


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Epic or should i say....THICC


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That's awesome that you completed this game in less than a month!


I really hope this gets completed - this game has so much potential to be a full, proper thing.

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I really like it, a lot of fun. Keep it up!

Only advice I'd give;  maybe make it instantly game over if you get spotted the guns don't seem to be very effective.


Really true and the gards should have a walk pattern that includes looking around certain corners 

Great game love it

Might wanna check out the stealth in the Metro games (2033, Last Light and Exodus). Main character has a small indicator which shows whether they're hidden or not which would be very useful.

It's pretty good, although I found out you can just attack them head on, as if it wasn't a stealth game.
Enemies reacting to your steps could help out a lot there.

Maybe it'd be a good idea to also make a indicator above their heads, telling you when you're being spotted, but as it is the string is fine.

Attacks also seemed to pass through enemies without them reacting, if you're standing too close to them.
I don't know how you're handeling the attacks, if it's a box collision or a line trace, but if it's a line trace, maybe try and make it a sphere trace instead?
And if it's a box/sphere collision box, then try and make it bigger.

I think that about sums it up. Keep up the good work!


yo dude, watch his youtube video, he is working on it

I know, I watched the video even before playing the game.
That's why I gave feedback, so he can work out from what I experienced.
It is his choice to follow my suggestions or not, I just wanted to share my experience, and some suggestions

ah, ok